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Degrl – the art brand of DKHL – have new works updated on Behance, check it out!

Degrl on Behance





Alliox is a concept design influenced from the Phonebloks.
Check out the whole project on Behance:
And also Phonebloks community website:

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A campaign project for Somerset Waste Partnership promoting the recycle message.

Check it out on Behance:

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Up Cycle Wild is a new brand featuring all product that are up cycled and hand made by creative artist.

Find out more on Behance:

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Jo Noall Designs is a studio that up cycle old furniture, giving them new look and new home.

Check out Jo Noall Designs project on Behance:

Jo Noall Designs Facebook page:


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A rock band logo request design. Check it out on Behance:

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HSNeil Design on Facebook:

And WordPress:

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Check out the GMF project on Behance:

The launch of Degrl

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The Degrl will represent all the art of DKHL, it will be launching on the 23/03/13 at the 4th Occult Conference in Glastonbury.

The facebook page is up and running with the profile on Behance:

Degrl facebook page

Degrl on Behance

DKHL will stay running and mainly focus on design and Degrl will take up all the artistic works created.

Please check them out and it is open for any commission works.

You can email:


dkhl2013 bardisplay

DKHL Facebook page need your support!!