This project is worked toward the capital of Portugal – Lisbon, a concept design of a tourist navigation system.

The idea was inspired while in the trip of visiting Lisbon, Lisbon is a old city with a lot of old buildings and small street. Although smart phone nowadays can provide navigation system, but the signal amount buildings is not good. As a result, it is easy to get lost around Lisbon even you follow the map, but most of the time, the destination is just around the comer or across the street.  The design of the Lisboa locator used Wi-Fi system to direct the user, which it can provide an accuracy of location down to 1 meter error and can hold more up-to-date local information. There are Wi-Fi hub around the city and mainly at pubic transport station, which build up a big network to cover the main town of Lisbon.

The product for this project is the handset, which well use the technique of  a compass that is insert inside the handset. The handset is designed to be transparent which the screen display the detail information on top of the compass and it can be used on top of a map. The handset also programmed with different apps that can be download form the Wi-Fi network or the hub. With this function, user can pay for different event and exhibition and use the handset to display for entrance.