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Poster design for end of year show in Yeovil College.

The exhibition called Made 2011, the show is for all the students that studies in the Art building, which the art works included fine art painting, digital painting, graphic design, fashion design, product design, photography, sculpturing etc. Thus the idea of the design base on the naming of the exhibition, where in the word MADE, M stand for media, music, A stand for Art, D stand for design, digital photography, E stand for entertainment. The poster need to stand for everyone that do different type of art, which is the hardest thing to do because it is hard to include every topic in one poster. That is the reason why the design play on typography, as you can see that the main area is taken over by the word ‘MADE’. A lot of people says that they cannot read the word because they are looking at the image, but they can read it after they change their focus onto the white line created by the gap. The white line cut thought the whole surface from the edge to the other white line, basically there is not a typeface used for the word ‘MADE’. But the white line build the basic shape of the letters that sit at the center of the poster. The idea that build with the word ‘MADE’ is use image of tools that we used to produce different art, for example issue, paint brush, sawing machine, camera, model statue etc. These image is then place into the shape that cut out by the white line, the image is also be moved to the top or bottom where closest to where it shows the word ‘MADE’. The reason is to build a different colour tone at where the word sit in order to hide the word. The words that wrote ‘WE’ and ‘OUR DREAM COME TRUE’ will bring the word that hidden because they form a sentence ‘WE MADE OUR DREAM COME TRUE’, which is the other reason why the exhibition called MADE is that the student had create all these art work and reach the goal and the dream.The white line also devised the poster into the top and the bottom, where a darker tone is used at the bottom part, thus to create a heavier side and make the poster sit balance, stable and comfortable to look at. There are six other different version with different colour, the grey is the original one, and there are a white, black, blue, green, red, purple. I think the over all design match it requirement which is to advertise about the exhibition where everyone is included in the poster, the layout is still simple even thought there are about 10 different topic.